3 tips for interracial dating in Washington DC

Washington, D.C., is a place with an abundance in mixed race couples, which is considered as a norm here. The interracial dating scene is quite vibrant here in spite of the positive, negative and some interesting opinions you get on the situation. In general, for many people interracial relationships are normal.

It is just a question of loving whomever one wants to love. Although there is not as much controversy over the issue, as it was once, there are still some things that you should be aware of, when you enter into the interracial dating scene in Washington, D.C.

Don’t stereotype

Some black men think that black women date only white men or vice versa. This can be seen even in well-educated articulate men and women of color in the country. Not only is this stereotyping a big misconception, but is also considered an insult by all the open minded interracial dating couples.

You need to understand that a person’s race is just a part of the person and should not be a factor that decides your decision to date. The entire purpose of dating is to find a person who is entertaining and can connect with you and generally make you feel happy. The fact that a person is white, black, Latino, Asian or middle eastern does not and should not matter in any way.

Look for qualities

When you start black white dating, you should know the qualities you want in a person. Decide on the character traits that are absolutely needed in the person and the positives that balance your weaknesses. Even if opposites attract is a common theory alluded to in relationships, when the differences are more complex, so will be the potential conflicts.

In interracial dating, you will have to deal with a lot of differences such as history, culture, attitudes, tradition and philosophies. Decide on the things that matter the most. Make sure you are agreeable on gender roles and connect on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. This way the differences would not matter much when you are agreeable on the things that are vital.

Avoid comparisons

Sharing cultural experiences is a most looked forward to feeling in interracial dating. The differences in music, food and tradition should be celebrated and honored, if you want the relationship to continue in a healthy way. Avoid making comparisons that may make a person’s culture or family look demeaning.

And it is wrong to expect the bonds to your family to be equally strong or weak as that of your partner’s. Try to be considerate when you learn things about your partner. Avoid making hasty conclusions, instead ask attentive questions and expect to deal with difficult conversations as it is normal for cultures to clash.

A study done by Stanford University reveals that nearly 7 percent of marriages in America are multiracial. This is higher than the statistics taken back in 1970s. If you want to succeed in interracial dating, you should be able to put aside your differences and unite on the common issues. When you approach a relationship with an open mind you are bound to make it a long lasting and happy one.

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