5 Great Awesome Things About Interracial Dating in 2016


Interracial dating, especially black women white men dating has come so far in recent years, that today it’s not even a big deal to see a black and white couple, a Latino and white couple, an Asian and white couple, or an Asian and black couple. This is quite a change from the 1950s and 1960s when segregation was the norm and bringing home someone of a different race to meet your parents was a dangerous thing to do.

We are very grateful of the great strides civil rights protesters made in the past, which has brought us an unprecedented time of experimentation, mutual respect and a comfortable atmosphere where we can all pursue our dreams and romances.

Of course, a lot of people today may not be sure about interracial dating. They may have an option to date a person of a different race; perhaps someone has recently shown interest in them, or maybe they are even attracted to someone who is African-America, Asian, Latino, or Arabic and so on. Maybe they don’t know how to feel about the situation.

However, there are at least five great advantages to dating someone outside of your own race. Consider…

1. You get to experiment with a new lover.

Half the fun is experimenting sexually with your new lover and learning the habits, qualities and intimacies of that person’s race. This is quite the exotic thrill for someone who is used to dating within his own race or neighborhood and may see a mixed race person as a unique experience worth trying.

2. You get to expose yourself to new cultures, attitudes and ways of life.

Spending time around “your own kind” will deprive you of learning new things, getting to know how other cultures live, and perhaps introduce you to brand new lifestyles, such as cultural cooking, dress or entertainment. It’s a great way to learn and diversify your life.

3. You get to learn a new language.

Some interracial partners you find will be literally across the world, or maybe an immigrant from another country. Dating a non-American is a far more intensive experience, since you may actually have to learn a new language. Finding a true love that speaks Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog or Spanish may be your motivation to learn a new language yourself. It’s not only cute and adorable to communicate with your new partner in two languages, it could also be a skill you could use later on in your career. A win-win!

4. You get to grow stronger together.

Interestingly, many interracial couples today stay together longer in comparison to same-race couples. The reason could very well be that the more hardship we face in life, from disapproving family members, or racist attitudes from society, the more we draw closer to our mate. Interracial couples bond deeper, stronger and more passionately because they help each other to endure the hardship—they lean on each other and empower each other. When you have to fight to keep what you want, you usually don’t take it for granted.

5. You get beautiful babies!

Two different races of parents will receive a wonderful gift of diversity in a child’s mixed genes. Interracial marriages can provide an amazing skin color and a larger genetic pool, which could provide the newborn with unique abilities and skills. You are also less likely to have genetic complications when having children outside your own color and culture.

As you can see, interracial dating or white women black men dating is a unique experience that you might find sensual and rewarding. Take a chance and you might be surprised by how much the two of you have in common, even coming from a different world!

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