Are Americans open to the idea of interracial dating?

Given the increasing rate of interracial marriages in the United States, it can be said that the Native Americans have embraced the idea of interracial dating. An online survey conducted by on interracial dating that logged over 9100 responses showed that a majority of people are open to dating a partner from outside their race.

On the other hand, 34 percent of the respondents said their families allowed them to have friends outside their race but not romantic partners. 25 percent of respondents stated their family members threatened to disown them if they dated outside their race. Leading dating counselor jack Duncan, who is married to an Asian said, “these numbers show that people are open to the idea of interracial dating but it is due to the fear of parents or being disowned that they refrain from doing so. I hope the present generation allows their children to date someone outside their race.”

It has been observed that parents avoid speaking about interracial dating until their kids bring home someone who doesn’t look like them. “Parents always tell their kids to love everyone, regardless of the age, sex and race. However, when you tell them about your willingness in dating a person who belongs to a different race than yours, it is then you realize that they’re selectively racist and have biased opinions about people who belong to a specific community.”

The increasing popularity of interracial dating sites

One of the biggest contributors to the changing paradigm is the growing popularity of interracial dating sites. The process of finding the right match has been made relatively easy thanks to the inception of these sites. Given the fact that most sites in this segment are absolutely free to register with, there are no barriers when it comes to becoming a member of this site. On the other hand, a few sites also give users the opportunity to upgrade and become full members.

Some of the key features available on these sites are:

Built – in mailbox that allows users to send and receive email messages.
Break the ice by letting others know that you’re interested. This is possible by sending winks and e – greetings.
The ability to hide your personal information such as photos and certain sections of the profile.
Access to the blog and forum sections that give users the opportunity to reach out to a wider section of the member base with ease.

Precise search algorithms that can be efficiently utilized by users to find a match. Advanced search options allow users to filter results based on parameters like location, horoscope, hobbies, interests, sex and relationship preferences, among others.

It is due to the availability of the aforementioned features that interracial dating sites have become the preferred choice for black women looking for white men or white men looking for black women.

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