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Common misconceptions people have about interracial dating

After all that we say about being progressive and being more accepting towards new ideas, a lot of us in the UK are still enmeshed in the roots of racism. By now we know how long a history racism has and what has come out of it, still, not many of us can accept someone from our own family, dating a person who belongs to another race.

Some of us might be lucky enough to have a family that accepts people from all walks of life, irrespective of whether they are white or black. But, a lot of families in the UK have inherent prejudices against people of color. We can say that it is almost like a “taboo” that cannot even be thought of as a possibility. All of this results from some of the most common misconceptions that people have about interracial dating. Here are some of those:

We have to realize the fact that race does not always bring the image of persons who are either black or white. Your partner can also be Asian, or of an African-American descent, etc. So before you go on to make a statement or a decision in terms of dating across races, you should know the basic facts.

Dating outside your race does not necessarily mean that one has a fixed motive in their mind. Liking someone or falling for someone might happen without planning it or just in an instant. So, dating should be considered as a pre-planned activity that people do to rebel against their conservative parents or against the people of their race.

This myth generates itself from the idea of the racial stereotypes that we have ingrained in our minds. People have all sorts of ideas about what African men want, or what white women want in bed. Everyone has their own preferences and their own comfort zone when it comes to sex. It is high time that we stopped making presumptions.

Some people feel that people who marry or date outside their race, actually maintain a sense of hatred against their own race. For black people the reason that is given is that they have faced racial discrimination throughout their life. They do not want their kids to face it and so, they want to date someone outside their race.

For white people, the reason is that, they do not like their own race because of the sense of superiority they maintain. None of these reasons work when we come to think about the actual scenario. Dating, all the time does not necessarily need to have a reason behind it.

These are the myths that need to be busted when we talk about interracial dating in the UK. Being a country that has mostly seen white population, some of which is extremely supremacist in nature, these kinds of myths are not rare in the UK. However, the soon we realize that it is time for a change, the better.

Why do black men prefer dating white women?


The trend of interracial dating is something like an elephant in the room. Everyone sees it, but only a few acknowledge it. According to stats, the number of interracial marriages has increased by 5 percent in the last three and a half decades. It has also been observed that most interracial marries happen between black men and white women. You might be wondering as to what makes black men – white women relationships so popular?

Here are a few reasons that according to experts make black men dating white women?

The trend of interracial dating is something like an elephant in the room. Everyone sees it, but only a few acknowledge it. According to stats, the number of interracial marriages has increased by 5 percent in the last three and a half decades. It has also been observed that most interracial marries happen between black men and white women. You might be wondering as to what makes black men – white women relationships so popular?

Here are a few reasons that according to experts make black men white women dating so popular:

She wouldn’t have any problem getting her hair wet. Tell a black girl to do the same and you’ll face the consequences. Do you want to be on the beach with a girl whose only concern is not getting her hair wet?

White girls aren’t very aggressive. Put a little aggression in your voice and you’d understand how sensitive how sensitive she is. Black women, on the other hand are always in the mood to fight.

Introducing them to your friends is a lot easier, thanks to their names. Pronouncing names of women belonging to other races is always a pain.

They barely have any restrictions in the bed, both religious and personal. On the other hand, a white woman would be happy with anything you do with her.

She is less fussy when you go out. She wouldn’t expect you to buy out the entire bar and have her favorite music. She would be contented with a drink and some peppy music.

She would spoil you with gifts and this doesn’t mean she’ll spend on the money on gifts. She knows exactly what you like and what you don’t.

There is little drama while dating a white girl. She wouldn’t complain about petty things and never annoy you. She would give you space to live life on your own terms. So, no checking your phone or emails.

White girls love to take care of their men and are more family – oriented. Be it cooking or cleaning the house or head out for Christmas shopping, she would be ready to take up anything.

She would never ignore the kids. On the contrary, kids would be her first priority. She would ensure they get the best of everything – food, education or anything else.

They’re more fun compared to their white counterparts. White girls know how to have fun, keeping all the negative stuff aside.

Why Are White Girls Attracted to Black Men? (white women black men meet)

There may be something to that old story of the poor black boy who becomes mega-successful in life and then decides he’s only attracted to white women.  It is a bit of an offensive stereotype but it’s oft-repeated, especially by edgy musical artists like Kanye West and Cee Lo Green.

There is some truth to it, in the fact that yes, white women do find some black men very attractive and no, it’s not always the rich black man they go after.  Sometimes white women are just naturally attracted to black men, more so than other races, including their own race.  What is to explain this attraction?

Various Theories on Why

Many still believe that it’s all just a social taboo.  For many years, it was unacceptable and scandalous for black men dating white women.  So it could very well be that we are still enjoying the aftermath of hundreds of years of racial tension and can now explore free dating of all races, ethnicities and skin colors.  Yes, it definitely helps when white families forbid their daughter to bring home a black man, since the relationship instantly becomes taboo and Little Miss Sunshine can now stand up to her bigoted parents and fight for civil rights!

But of course, there is plenty more to the attraction than just social taboo.  Many black men are raised to be confident, to be “alpha”, and especially if they grow up surrounded by their ultra-competitive friends.  They may invest time in education or learning a talent or an art, which of course is very attractive to a woman who wants to feel that her crush is highly skilled and creative.  Naturally, an outgoing, confident and friendly man is going to be a very popular fellow with the ladies, and that’s regardless of race.

Another factor is in the black man’s physical appearance.  Not only the cocoa skin but many black men tend to be taller, in good athletic shape, with soft skin and full lips.  Some girls just love the idea of black skin on white skin, not to mention the stereotype of a large penis—which is sometimes true and a major turn on.  Some women also believe that black men make love with an intensity that white men don’t have, but of course, this is all relative and certainly not a genetic rule.

Fall for the Real Man He Is Inside

More to the point, the culture of a black man, and his unique personality is what will ultimately be the most attractive quality to a white woman.  Looks, sex and attraction are not long-lasting.  But finding similar values, goals and outlooks on life will be what matters.  If you find someone that shares these very private feelings, then you can live with peripheral differences, even major disagreements, because deep down you feel the same way about life—about what really matters in life!

Now is the best time for black women white men meet or black men white women meet, since you have the option of online dating.  There are probably going to be plenty of black men who rub you the wrong way or don’t seem to be your type, mentally speaking.  That’s why it’s great that you can narrow down the competition by using an interracial dating site and focusing on the body and the personality you like the most.

5 Great Awesome Things About Interracial Dating in 2016


Interracial dating, especially black women white men dating has come so far in recent years, that today it’s not even a big deal to see a black and white couple, a Latino and white couple, an Asian and white couple, or an Asian and black couple. This is quite a change from the 1950s and 1960s when segregation was the norm and bringing home someone of a different race to meet your parents was a dangerous thing to do.

We are very grateful of the great strides civil rights protesters made in the past, which has brought us an unprecedented time of experimentation, mutual respect and a comfortable atmosphere where we can all pursue our dreams and romances.

Of course, a lot of people today may not be sure about interracial dating. They may have an option to date a person of a different race; perhaps someone has recently shown interest in them, or maybe they are even attracted to someone who is African-America, Asian, Latino, or Arabic and so on. Maybe they don’t know how to feel about the situation.

However, there are at least five great advantages to dating someone outside of your own race. Consider…

1. You get to experiment with a new lover.

Half the fun is experimenting sexually with your new lover and learning the habits, qualities and intimacies of that person’s race. This is quite the exotic thrill for someone who is used to dating within his own race or neighborhood and may see a mixed race person as a unique experience worth trying.

2. You get to expose yourself to new cultures, attitudes and ways of life.

Spending time around “your own kind” will deprive you of learning new things, getting to know how other cultures live, and perhaps introduce you to brand new lifestyles, such as cultural cooking, dress or entertainment. It’s a great way to learn and diversify your life.

3. You get to learn a new language.

Some interracial partners you find will be literally across the world, or maybe an immigrant from another country. Dating a non-American is a far more intensive experience, since you may actually have to learn a new language. Finding a true love that speaks Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog or Spanish may be your motivation to learn a new language yourself. It’s not only cute and adorable to communicate with your new partner in two languages, it could also be a skill you could use later on in your career. A win-win!

4. You get to grow stronger together.

Interestingly, many interracial couples today stay together longer in comparison to same-race couples. The reason could very well be that the more hardship we face in life, from disapproving family members, or racist attitudes from society, the more we draw closer to our mate. Interracial couples bond deeper, stronger and more passionately because they help each other to endure the hardship—they lean on each other and empower each other. When you have to fight to keep what you want, you usually don’t take it for granted.

5. You get beautiful babies!

Two different races of parents will receive a wonderful gift of diversity in a child’s mixed genes. Interracial marriages can provide an amazing skin color and a larger genetic pool, which could provide the newborn with unique abilities and skills. You are also less likely to have genetic complications when having children outside your own color and culture.

As you can see, interracial dating or white women black men dating is a unique experience that you might find sensual and rewarding. Take a chance and you might be surprised by how much the two of you have in common, even coming from a different world!

Interracial Dating: Internationally and Universally

interracial dating

black women white men meet

When we think of interracial or interethnic dating, our minds often immediately consider dating in the United States. It is most common, at the mention of interracial dating, to assume a couple comprised of one White and one Black participant, especially black women white men dating, though there is a secondary grouping of one Asian and one White participant. Though interracial dating is relatively new and on the rise in the US, as are interracial marriages, America is not the only country with such indiscriminate behaviors.

For example, in Shanghai, China an almost 70% increase of interethnic or interracial marriages occurred in the early 1990s. Those native to Shanghai were becoming more likely to date and marry someone from another country. In Canada, a similar event is occurring as differing culture groups, specifically Chinese and European Canadians, are finding themselves in relationships. However, though there is an increase in the numbers of interracial daters in Canada, it is not widely supported as yet. In fact, those of European decent are less likely to be supportive than the Chinese families. These events act as an indicator that it is not only the United States that is seeing a rise in dating outside one’s race or ethnicity.

The cause behind the increase of interracial relationships, whether marriage or otherwise, could be a multitude of reasons, and reasons are greatly dependent on each specific culture or society. Of the many reasons, one might be television. Because TV programming around the world is now more regularly showing interracial relationships, it is becoming more of the norm. What is broadcast on television, in movies, or on social media sites or interracial dating sites often sets the cultural trends of the actual audience. Media is a powerful normalizing force and makes interracial dating and marriage seem much less like outlaws and much more like commonality. The once taboo topic is now so commonly embraced that it hardly heeds notice. The acculturation of immigrants and the assimilation into the society one emigrated to become another force for interracial and interethnic dating. In short, without strict cultural boundaries set by a social group, members may feel more inclined to explore interactions with cultures outside their familial norm.

Though in America, there is still dissonance, a high number of interracial marriages have a high success rate. The percentages of successful, long-term relationships outside the United States may also be determined by access to divorce or that marriages are seen more as a contract and not a certificate of romantic promise. In the US, the most successful, stable interracial marriages are ones where the participants have good education, stable careers, and marry at an older age, all elements of stable marriages regardless of race or ethnicity. It might be assumed that because said couples face challenges unique to other same-race couples, they develop coping mechanisms that also foster strength in their personal relationship. Also, because interracial relationships are still relatively new, many find themselves with other similarly minded folks, creating relationships with others who are either supportive of or familiar with their struggles.

Prior to a serious commitment, navigating an interracial relationship at any level can be challenging, regardless of experience. To find the best success, consider going in with a positive attitude and disposing of any or all stereotypes. A positive attitude includes humor as well as an open mind. Start by meeting on very neutral terms, like the stereotypical first date of coffee or tea or something innocuous as this may put both parties at ease. On said date, be yourself and allow who you are to shine through. You are not representing your ethnicity, for example, because you don’t want your date to only see you as a stereotype. Instead, go on the date as yourself, and invite your date to do the same. Get to know each other, ask questions, and more than anything, have fun.