How a rich white man can be on his best behavior and be presentable on a first date with a black woman

rich men dating

Being a gentleman on a date is how a man carries himself and behaves on a date from the moment it starts to the end. You have to be polite, open the door for your lady, wear good clothes and hold a conversation. These things make you look like a true gentleman and will certainly win the heart of your dates. If you have a date coming up and want to be a proper gentleman and behave accordingly, below are a few rich men dating tips to ensure the date goes well without any hiccups

1. Take control of proceeding by setting the place and time of the date: If the woman you are going on a set with hasn’t picked the time and place already, take control. Pick a time and a nice place that is perfect for her to commute to and she will say yes.

2. Be presentable on the date: Being a gentleman isn’t all about behavior, it is also about how you present yourself to your date. No woman wants to go out with the man that isn’t well-groomed. Go to the barbers, get a haircut, trim your beard, pick some nice clothes and you are ready to go.

3. Look the part (A gentleman): This is an expansion of the point above, your outfit is very important too. Showing up in a tank top and a pair of shorts will not make a good first impression. Go to the shops and buy yourself a smart jacket, some nice pair of shoes, denim jeans, a blazer or a nice shirt. Remember that a good first impression matters a lot.

4. Buy her some flowers: They say that chivalry is dead these days and you can show your date that it isn’t dead by bringing a nice bouquet of flowers. While most people might see this as an old fashioned approach but it will get your date’s cheeks red.

5. Pick her up from her place: Since you are rich, chances are you own a car and have a driver, go and pick your date up from her place. This will show that you really care about the date and want things to be as comfortable for her as possible.

6. Compliment your date: Moments after you greet and give her a hug, tell her how gorgeous she looks. This will make her feel comfortable with you and eliminate any awkwardness throughout the date.

7. Avoid using swear words: An important rich men dating tip is that will not swear on the first date because that doesn’t create a good impression. Instead, he will ooze politeness and be on his best behavior throughout the date.

8. Open the door for your lady: As already pointed out, show that chivalry isn’t dead by opening the car door for your date if you are traveling via a vehicle, open the restaurant door for her and even pull up her chair. Actions like these let her know that she is on a date with a true gentleman.

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