Important Things Everyone Needs to Understand about Interracial Dating

Important Things Everyone Needs to Understand about Interracial Dating

The days when people had to hide their relationships to protect themselves from prosecution are long gone. These days, interracial dating has become common and people have grown more accepting and accommodating of black women dating white men or black men dating white women. However, there are still stereotypes, presumptions, and misconceptions that surround interracial dating. It dictates the way people think and talk about bi-racial and interracial relationships, which is why we are providing you with a list of important things that everyone should keep it in mind when it comes to interracial dating and interracial relationships.

It’s Not Just Black Or White

A lot of discourse regarding interracial dating is mainly focused on black women white men meet or white women black men meet. The media promotes these images, but what you need to understand is that there are lots of different types of couplings in interracial relationships. An interracial relationship can even occur between a black woman and an Asian man, and sometimes interracial couples may not even look interracial, since they can be multi-racial or bi-racial. Therefore, interracial dating and relationships should not always been seen as between black or white people.

It’s Not Just About Sex

A lot of people think that interracial relationships are mostly about the sex, since they perceive that black girls are sexually freakier than white girls, Asian girls are more submissive, and black men generally have bigger penises. However, these are all stereotypes, and interracial relationships are a lot more than just about sex, even though it is an important component in any relationship. That is why people shouldn’t assume that interracial relationships are based mainly on sex.

It Doesn’t Mean That You Have Solved Racism

A lot of people assume that dating outside of your race means that you are more open-minded and are generally more accepting of beauty in every shape and form. Even though the growth of interracial relationships in the past 20 years has demonstrated the fact that people are generally more accepting of these relationships, it hasn’t solved the race equality dilemma. This is because, in a perfect world, race would never even be an issue.

There’s A Thin Line Between Admiration And Fetishization

It is morally wrong to choose a partner based on your fetish, since this means that you have no respect for them. Fetishization and sexualization in interracial dating is wrong, since if you start your relationship based on a fetish or a fantasy, it will never work out. You can’t turn people into sexualized objects and then create stereotypes about them. Admiration for someone from a different race is accepted, but turning that into a fetish and then sexualizing them is wrong.

Black People Who Date White People Don’t Hate Themselvesblack women date white men or black men date white women, since their motives shouldn’t be questioned.

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