INTERRACIAL DATING: Healthy ways of texting each other in an interracial

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Communication via text messages plays a massive role in an interracial relationship because it is the best way for information to be shared by couples. While texting might appear easy on the surface, there are rules to it. There are things that must be done and things that might straight up be avoided during texting. This article will look at the things couples must do to texting each other to proper ways

1. Message them to ask about their day
Every single person in the world loves the feeling of knowing that someone out there cares for them so much. A simple message asking how your lover’s day is going if they are at work can turn their cloudy day into a ray of sunshine. This lets your lover know that you are thinking about them and you care about how they spend their day. It strengthens the bond and relationship you have together because you are checking on each other via text messages.

2. Send compliments their way
Compliments are expressions we use to tell someone how we admire them when we are in a relationship. Go for how attractive you find them and the great personality they have. If your lover has a new outfit, a new hairstyle or tried on a new cologne, compliment them on all those things to brighten up their mood.

3. Good morning and good night texts
There is nothing sweeter and cuter than getting a lovely good morning text from your lover. This is a clear sign that when they woke up in the morning, they were thinking about you. Keeping the message short, straight to the point and simple is a very good idea because overdoing it can make an innocent text come across as very creepy. The same applies to a good night. It is a very sweet message and cute message to receive too and it lets your lover know that they are the last thing on your mind before bed. Good morning and good night texts are very good for couples who are in a long distance relationship and can’t say these words to each other face to face.

4. Send a text to tell your lover you are thinking about them
Just like the point above, this is very good for couples who are in a long distance relationship however, it can also apply to couples who live together. Nothing melts the heart more than knowing your lover misses your presence so much than a text letting you know they are thinking about you.

5. Send your lover some flirty text messages via text
If your interracial relationship is just starting out or in its infant stages, a great way to know each other’s sexual desires or fantasies is through flirting. Flirting allows couples to share their inner desires, the ones that they don’t share with just anyone. Exchanging a few saucy and sexually charged text messages is a great way to strengthen the relationship and show how open you are with each other.

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