Is black women white men dating At Work Accepted?

Dating at work is already a loaded topic, but what happens when you add being an interracial couple to that mix? There are a few black women white men dating questions you should ask yourself before you decide to cozy up with someone of a different race that works with you.

1. Should you leave together?

This can feel really awkward when doing it in front of your co-workers. It will feel even more awkward when your co-workers aren’t used to being around interracial couples. Which leads us to the next question…

2. Should you hide it from your co-workers?

This is a tricky one.

While nobody should feel like they have to hide their interracial relationship for fear of judgment, there is no denying that it would be a whole lot easier to deal with in a work setting.

Hiding it means there will be no awkward tension, weird questions, or rumors going around about you and your love interest.

Unfortunately though, this isn’t the most practical solution. A slip in conversation or a lingering look can lead to co-workers piecing together the truth. When they do find out that you’ve been hiding it, it will be even more scandalous than if you’d just been open about it.

3. What if you’re both up for the same promotion?

This type of situation would certainly cause tension in any relationship. Unfortunately, since prejudice is still rampant, the partner who doesn’t get the promotion may feel like the decision was influenced by race.

That can cause tension and resentment in even the most stable and loving relationship. Furthermore, what if one of you is promoted above the other? Would it be right to be in charge of your significant other?

4. How do you get alone time when you live together as well?

Imagine living with someone and working with someone. You would literally see them every single day, all day long. You will even end up commuting together and hitting the gym together afterwards, meaning that you will rarely be spending time apart.

This can cause tension and boredom in a relationship. If you’re choosing to date someone you work with, make sure both of you still have regular alone time for personal hobbies or hanging out with friends.

5. Should you be eating lunch together?

While you may feel obligated or enticed to eat lunch with them every day, it would probably be better to grab lunch with different co-workers or even enjoy it alone every now and again.

Not only will this prevent overkill from being in each other’s company, but you won’t be one of those annoying work couples who constantly have to hang around each other.

6. Is it accepted?

To summarize the general question of this article, yes. It is accepted to date interracially at work in most cases. There are exceptions, but usually it has to do with policy against workplace romance, not interracial romance.

Even though it’s accepted, be aware that you will still be facing a lot of unique challenges in your interracial relationship.

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