Reasons Why Black Men Prefer Dating White Women

Right from time immemorial, Black men have always had this strong feeling for White women. Even till date, the trend is still there although the opposite case involving White men and Black women has also joined and both are waxing stronger every day.

Below are some of the reasons why Black men White women. Although some of the reasons about to be discussed may sound trivial but then, that’s the thing about culture. A normal practice in one culture that is reasonable to them may appear unreasonable to someone from another culture.

They have little or No Problems with their Hair

Have you noticed that white women who visits the beach have no problem with getting their hair wet? You can’t try that with most black women especially those who were born and brought up in their various countries. Tell her to get into the beach and you’ll have to provide her with a covering for her hair or just forget about it.

They aren’t so aggressive

The kind of community where the Whites live makes them unaggressive. They strongly believe in the law to handle their cases for them and as such approach or respond to issues in a sensitive manner. On the other hand, raise your voice in an aggressive manner to a Black lady, especially as a Black man, and you’ll see a woman who is already in the mood to fight.

They aren’t demanding

That’s one natural gift most White Women possess. They do not require the whole world to be pleased. Just buy them beautiful flowers and they’ll be so happy and grateful to you. When you go out to a bar or an eatery, all she’ll request for is a bottle of drink while listening to a soft music and she’s alright. Black Women on the other hand are not easily satisfied.

They Are Ready to Spend

A White woman is ready to give the world to a Black man she truly loves. This is one of the major reasons why Black men prefer dating White women. While they won’t require you spend much to make them happy, they are ready to spend twice or thrice as much to make you happy.

They have No Restrictions on Bed

While most Black women will say you can’t go this far with me on bed probably because she sees it as a taboo or her religion forbids it, White women are ready to go as far as you are willing to take them.

You Get All the Space You Need

White women almost complain about nothing. They are ready to give you all the space in the world to live your life the way you want to. She won’t go monitoring your phone calls, texts, and emails. As long as you show no signs of infidelity, she’ll happily live her life and let you live yours too.


The fact that Black men seek White women for the reasons discussed above doesn’t mean Black women should be avoided. There are Black women out there with the mentality of White women; it all depends on how you search and how sensitive you are to the traits they unconsciously display during your few weeks or months of dating.

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