The Dos and Don’ts in an interracial relationship

They say love has no boundaries and that is something that is seen a lot of plenty of interracial couples roaming the streets. Dating people of your own race can be awkward enough, however, when you decide to venture out and try your luck with other races, it can be extra tricky especially with the cultural differences. The most important thing is to feel compatible, comfortable and positive with the person but here are three dos and don’ts when you are in an interracial relationship

The dos

I.Have an open mind

You have to free your mind and open your heart to all possibilities while also being aware of any differences in culture that might exist when it comes flirting for example. Some cultures are known to be aggressive than other and it is important to respect each other’s heritage. Being curious and open-minded does help reduce tension and maintain a positive vibe. Do your homework and educate yourself about other races so neither party feels like a racial educator.

II.Date the person and not their race

The race is not the reason why you get to know someone you might want to date. There is no need to touch on that very sensitive topic while you are breaking the ice. You can touch on it just a little bit but you have to quickly move on from it. People are much more than the colors of their skin, topics which can be discussed include hopes and dreams, life stories, family, work, and education.

The don’ts

I.Make sure you are not someone’s secret

If your partner is shy or ashamed to be seen walking with you then they do not deserve your time or even to be with you in the first place. If you have been seeing someone for a long time and have not met their family or friends, get taken to inconspicuous places around the city or late night dates at odd hours, that is a red flag right there. No one deserves to be a closet secret.

II.Dating fetishists is wrong

If you are sitting in a café or a bar and someone comes to you and says it is a fantasy of theirs to date a person like you, this means they see you as a fetish, a trial run or some sort of experiment. You do not want to find yourself in love with someone who simply wants you to make a statement. If you notice those warning signs when they speak to you, get up and move on.

III.Don’t shove your new partner in the face of your family

Couples who are in interracial relationships get stared at a lot when they are walking around in public and it is easy to ignore public opinion however family is a very different case. Always give your family a heads up before you bring your partner to them and if your family members have issues with you dating outside your race, be upfront and let your partner know so that they are aware.

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