Things You Should Know & Consider Before Entering an Interracial Relationship

The UK has the highest rate of interracial relationships in the World. In the UK, and to a lesser degree elsewhere, interracial relationships have stopped being an issue; when cupid’s arrow strikes, the colour of the skin is completely a no-issue.

At one time, dating someone from a different race was considered controversial, but not any longer. That is not to say that you wouldn’t ever encounter a few dumbasses, because they can be found anywhere, and the UK will surely have its share of such people.

However, with its high degree of acceptance, the UK is the best place to be for interracial couples and people interested in interracial dating but yet to find a suitable match.

Here are a few things you should know and consider when interracial dating in the UK.

Opposite attracts—or does it?

Do you know the qualities you are looking in your Mrs. or Mr. Right? If not, do some introspection to unearth the answer.

Many subscribe to the theory opposite attract. Some, on the other hand, believe in choosing a partner having similar beliefs, liking, and disliking. Now, there’s nothing to say that one is better than other. Go with what you believe in.

With that said, some extra thinking and constructive effort might be required if you and your partner hold opposite views on many things. Remember the greater the differences in two people, the more room there is for potential conflict.

When two people coming from different cultures and having different attitudes and beliefs come together, it is important to establish what matters most to the two of them and whether they are on the common ground on most important things or at least on most of the most important things.

Celebrating differences become a whole lot easier when you and your partner are on the same page on key things.

Anticipate Objections

The colour of the skin of your partner doesn’t matter to you, but you might meet someone who thinks the opposite and is ready to show the same through words or gestures.

Anticipate objection but more importantly prepare a mental note of taking these things in your stride and not letting them baffle you. As much as possible, response articulately, gracefully and without a hint of defensiveness.

Share the differences, but don’t compare

Mine is better than you is a recipe of disaster in a relationship of UK interracial dating.

When any two people enter a relationship, more so in case of interracial couples, they encounter views, behaviour, memories, and culture that are different than theirs—which is a good thing but can also be a bad thing.

Share and celebrate your differences and your relationship will blossom. But if you start playing the game of my culture or my family or my anything is better than yours, the relationship will turn sour.

Be considerate as your partner reveals more of himself or herself to you. Ask probing questions but avoid racing to premature conclusions. If you suspect a cultural clash on something, be prepared to have difficult conversations. Many couples try to avoid those difficult conversations and give up an opportunity to test the strength of their relationship and deepen it.

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