White men, be cautious, when taking dating advice for Black women!

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White guys who prefer dating Black women should be careful, when seeking advice on how to date or come into a relationship with Black women. Usually, White men are misguided and misadvised against Black women. They are given the wrong tips on white men looking for black women.

I recently went through a blog post, where a dating expert was giving advice to non-black males on how they can date Black females. Although, many of the techniques and tips that the author suggested at this site were true, there were also many false and incorrect dating tips.

Among the correct ones, some of them said that you should not treat Black females like she is your ‘Jungle Fever’ fantasy. Furthermore, White guys should approach a Black female with their diverse group of friends. In fact, one commenter even said that White men should stay far away from Black females who segregate themselves.
On the flip side, one of the wrong advices given in the blog post was that Black women basically are drawn to swagger above everything else. In other words, the advice the author is giving to non-Black men is that Black females worship the Black penis. This is why many White men fear this stereotype greatly that they would not measure up to it that they often do not bother approaching Black females.

And, if you do not know what swagger really means, then let me tell you that swagger is a code name for “big ole Mandingo dick so huge that he cannot walk without strutting.” The dating expert suggests White men to develop a bit of swagger and make sure that their confidence shows this. And, with this confidence, they should approach a Black woman comfortably and persistently, without any fear.

This will surely get White men a Black woman, as Black American females are conditioned to believe that a man should be confident enough to approach her. Although, they often get annoyed by this practice, in reality they expect this only. The blog says that the Black community does not take any shy guy.
In short, the advice it gives to White men is that all Black women should check for swagger as their indicator of a man with high values. Instead, I would say that this dating expert is giving the wrong advice, as in reality most of the Black women, who are open to dating or marrying interracially, are not looking for non-Black males to take on the characteristics of Black males.

Let me tell all the White guys out there that this is a false advice, since most of the Black women, no matter to which background they belong to, particularly middle and higher class backgrounds do not look for such qualities in their mate.

Like many sensible women, they too look for someone who can bond with them both intellectually and emotionally, along with having a good sense of humor, carrying himself well, having a nice employment, and most notably thinks that Black women are amazing. That is it. It is that simple.

Therefore, instead of taking any idiotic advice on black women white men dating from someone who considers all Black women as one, White or non-Black men should rather take some real advice on how to datel Black females.

2 thoughts on “White men, be cautious, when taking dating advice for Black women!

  1. Richard Wagner

    Does one really need advice from an Internet site on how to approach Black Women ( or white, Chinese, Korean, etc) My advice is to approach any Black women as an individual, find out what she is about, and trust your instincts.

  2. Mbali

    I’m a black women and I disagree with the above. Worshiping a huge dick and swag story is nonsense. The only advice I can give is be yourself and don’t try to act black.


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