Why is the ‘Black Love’ reality show so popular?

The new reality show ‘Black Love’ is getting popular day by day. With more views, likes, and what not, this show that features on the FYI channel became popular in a very short time span. So, what really is in this show that has made it so famous among people of all races, creed, and religions? Is it the reality quotient of finding love onscreen? Is it the beautiful young ladies that play the lead in the show? Or, is it something else?
All these questions are very common when it comes to the reality show, ‘Black Love’. Let me tell you that none of the above things is behind the popularity of this show. The main reason behind its fame is probably the portrayal of interracial relationships in it. The show features five attractive and successful African American women who are in search for their love and it depicts how through this journey they discover themselves. The love life of these women will change their lives forever, in turn changing their destinies.

The five Black women go through a journey of self discovery, while navigating a really tough dating pool in the New York City. These five dynamic career women are also looking for a successful love life. The show, which premiered on December 8, is since on the rise with its popularity. The show also features psychotherapist and relationship expert Jack Daniels, along with certified author and dating coach Damona Hoffman, who deliver advice and help these women understand the feeling of love in a bid to discover, nourish, and keep this love.

So, what is the complete idea behind this reality show ‘Black Love’, black women white men dating, or white women black men dating? And, is such a show that features interracial relationships relevant in this age and is it becoming the norm? According to the name of the show ‘Black Love’ and the featuring women, one may wonder if the show is only about Black women. And, are the leading ladies assisted in the show to find love exclusively in the Black community or can their search go beyond the racial boundaries, so that they can find interracial love?

Besides this, according to me, the show’s title does not seem to be appropriate. Love is love, no matter what race the two people, who fall in love, belong to. Therefore, calling love ‘Black Love’ is not at all right. It seems to give us an impression that love varies from one race to another other and is different for all races. Furthermore, it also gives a vibe of non-inclusiveness. So, one may wonder if the advice is solely meant for the black ladies or does it apply to women of other races as well, so that they can find and maintain meaningful relationships?

Hence, we should face it that interracial relationships are now not considered as something outcast and are extensively becoming the normal. Thus, is a show like ‘Black Love’, black women looking for white men, or black men looking for white women really relevant to the modern day society?

Despite the popularity of the show, we hope that it also accommodates any race relationships, because most of the people, particularly the teens and millenials, just see love as love. They do not see it as Black love, Asian love, Hispanic love, or White love. Love cannot be segregated by race. It is just love, you either get it or you don’t.

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